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The Housing Practice courses are designed to develop the skills of those working in housing, as well as building their knowledge up and is often a strong, foundation course for tenants and those interested in housing practice. The progression options of the course structure include progressing from Level 2 to Level 3 as well as progressing from the Award to the Certificate.

The Housing Practice courses encourages you as a student to use your knowledge and awareness of the legislature that governs housing practice to develop inter-personal skills and understand how to manage dispute resolution in relation to housing and general environmental issues.

The courses that we offer in the Housing Practice sector are:

Some of the units that are covered throughout the courses are, but not limited to:

  • Professional Practice Skills for Housing
  • Equality and Diversity for Housing
  • Delivery of Affordable Housing in the UK
  • Prevention and Management of Rent Arrears

We provide our students with continuous support from their own personal tutor as well as ensuring they have access to tutors through online, email and telephone support. Through this, we endure our students gain the knowledge of their courses with the comfort of constant contact with a tutor, all whilst working independently through our online platform.

Our prices are transparent and all inclusive and provide the student with the comfort of developing their education whilst benefiting from our great value and quality service. Through our course costs we cover the , course materials, and access to our E-learning platform and certification fees.